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Interior Design October 22, 2006

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As many of you know I have been putting off furnishing ye’ole Lake House.  I took the furniture from the ole’place and did my best.  I have somethings on the walls, and friends have doonated many wonderful items.  The main issue is that the walls are really tall here and the space lends itself to large art.  Large art tends to be either expensive and cheesy, or cheesy and expensive.  I keep looking for images that I can take to Kink’os and have printed large format (4ftx6ft).  If this is gonna get done, we never can tell

.1351_ottoa.jpg                    1957_comet_1957.jpg          comets.jpg             1041231.jpg          dsc01476.JPG


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Sail Boat Stolen




Four Seasons, MO—–




Local police, Missouri Water Patrol, Homeland Security, Coast Guard and PETA are still searching for a 25 C&C Cutter stolen from a local dock at the 9.5mm of the Osage. The two suspects were last seen drinking draught Busch beer at Docknockers where they left without paying their bill. The suspects are believed to be heading towards the 41mm and are leaving a trail of dead squirrels.


Morning has broken

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Well I made it to the lake again.

Last night I drove down just in time for the start of the World Series. It was a great game as we kicked Detroit’s ass 7-2.

While watching the game I played spaded with my my friends at Cut-Throat House of spades.

Today I am either gonna go sailing, or go sailing, freeze me arse off, tip the boat in the icy waters, lose my cell phone and have to swim to shore, the whole time avoiding rich snobs in half a’ million plus boats that want to “See that pretty sailboat” up-close. Ya never know, its “The Lake”.


The Scott October 15, 2006

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My dear friend Tiffany has a new partner in crime (BF). His name is Scott, and we like him alot. He is handsome, smart, funny, loves Maddona and falls occasionally. He makes the best breakfast and can not catch a fish.



Crocs Convention

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Over the summer we had the first annual Crocs convention, at the Corp. Headquarters of brothers investments. I want to thank all that attended and cant wait forward to the next convention.







christine and carlton

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Last weekend, columbis day, My dear friend christine and her boyfriend came down to the lake for a weekend of sailing, red bull, poached egss, and vodka. We did the hookie pookie, sailed all the way up to the toll bridge. When we first put the sails up Christine was convinced that we where gonna tip. More to come………….





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This is Thai, my sailing Buddy. She loves the fresh air, the wind in her ears and Busch beer.