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Rosenwind all clean! August 21, 2008

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slack-n-off July 15, 2007

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Winter Water Land December 3, 2006

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The Lake is a mess this weekend. A foot or so of heavy, heavy snow fell on top of an inch or so of ice. Last weekend we where sailing, this weekend we were shoveling snow off the dock. My dock, and toys are fine, others are not so lucky. These pictures are disturbing, to me. I always associate boats and docks with family fun and alot of good times. Its sad, but luckily no one has been hurt yet.

Glencove Marine

Glencove Marina

Glencove Marina


Glencove Marina

Arrowhead Lodge


Moorings Marina




The Scott October 15, 2006

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My dear friend Tiffany has a new partner in crime (BF). His name is Scott, and we like him alot. He is handsome, smart, funny, loves Maddona and falls occasionally. He makes the best breakfast and can not catch a fish.



Crocs Convention

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Over the summer we had the first annual Crocs convention, at the Corp. Headquarters of brothers investments. I want to thank all that attended and cant wait forward to the next convention.







christine and carlton

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Last weekend, columbis day, My dear friend christine and her boyfriend came down to the lake for a weekend of sailing, red bull, poached egss, and vodka. We did the hookie pookie, sailed all the way up to the toll bridge. When we first put the sails up Christine was convinced that we where gonna tip. More to come………….